Thread: question about programs accessing the outputs of different programs

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    question about programs accessing the outputs of different programs

    i have a program, assembler, that reads from a text file,sort.s, containing a bubble sorter in mips assembly language, assembles it, and then writes the output to a different text file, output.o (extensions don't matter). i am currently writing a program, simulator, that then needs to read output.o and execute the instructions in it. i was wondering how i might go about this? can i simply copy/paste the simulator as a new source file in assembler?
    right now, assembler reads sort.s from the Desktop\Assembler\Assembler folder, and writes output.o to the same place. so if i put simulator.cpp in that folder, will it work? or do i need to go to project>add new item from within MSVS itself? (i havent experience working on programs that have multiple parts)

    i hope thats clear enough...


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    You can open whatever file you want, no matter its location. Just specify the correct location in the disk. Usually, if a specific location is not specified it looks at the current folder location (where the simulator.cpp is).

    Example (sth like this for XP)
    ifstream in("C:\\Windows\\Documents and Settings\\User_Name\\Desktop\\Assembler\\Assembler_Folder\\output.o");
    If you put
    ifstream in("output.o");
    then it most likely look for output.o in the folder that simulator.cpp is.

    Note that you need \\ not \

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