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    Question Difference: Struct - Class

    What is the difference between a Structure and a Class?

    Because they seem the same... Can you not place functions inside a Structure or something?

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    The main difference it that a class has a constructor and a destructor a strcture does not have them also you can put functions in a class and varables you also have the abilty to make some of the varables and functions private or public in the class. That's pretty much what I know about them I bet there are lots of people on this board that can tell you more ^_^ but I hope this helps anyways
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    Structrues and Classes are basically the same execept for the syntax and the fact:

    in classes
    variables and functions (not OOP speak!!) are private by default.
    That is why we have the keywords public and private in C++

    A class would resemble a structure if all variables and functions were declared as public.

    in structrues

    variables and functions are public by default.

    Hope this helps!!

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    In C++, structures and classes are the same, except structure's default data access level is public.

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