Thread: I need help pls :(

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    Question I need help pls :(

    Hi,,, i'm new here and i have a homework and really don't know how to solve it... i'm trying my best but there no luck

    Please I need your help with node and singly linked list in C++...
    it is a homework:
    modify the list class by adding a member function for reversing the list:
    i need a reverse function
    void reverse ()

    and also add a new item at a special position:
    i need the function insert
    void insert (double x, int pos)

    pls help me

    class Node{
        Node *head;
        Node *tail;
        Node *next;
        int info;
        bool IsEmpty ()
            if (head==0)
            return true;
            return false;
        Node (int data, Node *ptr=0)
        void AddToHead (int data)
            if (!IsEmpty ())
                head= new Node (data);
                if (tail !=0)
                    tail->next= new Node (data);
                    tail= tail->next;
                head= tail= new Node(data);
        void PrintAll(int data)
            for (Node *temp=head; temp !=0; temp= temp->next)
            cout<< temp->info<<" ";
    /*    void Reverse ()
            Node *p=head, *rev=0;
            while (!IsEmpty())
                p= p->next;
                p->next = rev;
                rev = p;
                cout<< "The List as reversed: "<< p;
            cout<< endl;
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    Instead of immediately asking for someone to help you, make an effort and post your code. You will never learn if you do not attempt it first.

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    i'm trying to post the code but it doesn't work!!! i will try again

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