Thread: need help on my book coding here

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    need help on my book coding here

    help my coding is nearly finish it just i don't know to make the getCount() function to return the number of book objects that have been created..
    and dont understand this line>>the count data member should be initialized to zero and must keep track of number of book objects..
    my coding is like this

    class Book
    string author,title;
    const short bookType;
    int count;
    Book( const string& author,const string& title, int bookType = 1):count(0);
    string getTitle();
    string getAuthor();
    Void setTitle(string title);
    void setAuthor(string author);
    int getCount(){return count;};
    Book::Book( const string& author,const string& title, int bookType = 1);
    int Book::count = 0;
    void Book::setTitle(string title)
    title = title
    string Book::getTitle() 
    return title;
    void Book::setAuthor(string author)
    author = author;
    string Book::getAuthor() 
    return author;
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    Hey dude what you can do you can have a static counter in the class

    and just increment that in constructor

    you can look at this code snippet for your help

    #include <iostream>
    class Test {
      static int counter;
      Test() {++counter; }
      void show() { std::cout << "counter == " << counter << std::endl; }
    int Test::counter = 0;
    int main() {
      Test t1, t2, t3, t4, t5, t6, t7, t8 ,t9;;
      return 0;

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    Don't forget to implement or disable a copy constructor, so that the count goes up when you copy a book.
    It is too clear and so it is hard to see.
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