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    Sum of numbers

    The purpose of this program is to display the sums of all of the numbers from one to the input number. Example if i enter 5 i want it to add the numbers 1+2+3+4+5 = 15 or if i enter 225 it will add 1+2+.....225

    Here is what i am working with

    #include <iostream.h>
    void main()
    int Number, Sum;
    Sum = 0;
    cout << "Enter a number: " << endl;
    cin >> Number;
    while (Number >= 0)
    Sum = Sum + Number;
    cout << "Current Total " << Sum << endl;
    cout << "Enter a number: " << endl;
    cin >> Number;
    cout << "The total is " << Sum << endl;
    It works fine when i go in order 1+2+3+.....10 but it does not add all i need.

    Any hints will help thanks in advance.

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    Instead of asking for a new number, you should be subtracting one from the number.
    It is too clear and so it is hard to see.
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    std::cout << (Number*(Number+1)/2) << std::endl;

    or, if you want to learn programming, consider two loops. I am going to write the outer loop for you, because this is a good habit to get into early while you are learning
    while(std::cin >> Number && Number > 0) {
        int Sum = 0;
        std::cout << Sum;
    This solves a lot of common bugs, first off realize that && is left to right, so the left hand side gets evaluated first, the right hand side is evaluated only when the left is true. The result of a stream input operation, is a stream. This is what lets you do cin >> a >> b; If you evaluate a stream in a boolian context it is true only if all the operations prior to this have been successful. If someone inputs 15, and then a letter your program loops forever, when done this way it exits.

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    Not trying to suggest that you don't sum up those numbers, but the formula:
    y = x*(x+1)/2 gives the sum you are calculating.
    You can at least use that to check that your answers are correct.
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