Thread: Need help with creating arrays outiside functions

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    Need help with creating arrays outiside functions

    okay so straight out, i need my arrays and their size integer variable to be global functions, but my compiler isn't accepting it. i use dev c++. so what do i do?

    using namespace std;
    int size;
    char Field[size][size];
    char Ground[size][size];
    void Diff()
         char ch;
        cout<<"Please select a level of Difficulty:"<<endl;
        if(ch=='E') size=9;
        if(ch=='M') size=17;
        if(ch=='D') size=25;
    that's the code

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    The size must be a compile time constant.

    You probably do not need to use global variables. I suggest that you use a std::vector that is passed by (const) reference as needed.
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