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    Which language?

    right now im teaching myself c++...without any prior programming this a bad idea? ive had several people suggest i learn Visual Basic first...should i? and if far along should i get in VB before i start up in C++ again?

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    Neither one is a stepping stone to the other. I've heard people say to learn VB first, to teach yourself some programming practices, and I've heard others say that it's difficult to go to C++ once you've tried VB. I'd personally say try C++ since VB appears to be on its way out, but it's entirely up to you.

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    hopefully it helps

    I am not sure which one is right for you but I think you should think about what kind of programm would you like to write in the future. Depending on that you should look at the languages and then decide if that language is appropriate for it. Every language has its strenth and weeknesses. So I would suggest you do some research in those areas and then make a decision. Also bare in mind that once you learn one language, generally I think it is easier to learn a new language just bacause you already know the basics of programming. Most of the time you only need to worry about learning the new syntex. Hopefully that helps.

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    I'd suggest you go on learning C++. When you have questions, ask them and write programs in C++. Just writing programs in C++ is the best way to learn the language. There are plenty of tutorials explaining object oriented concepts and general programming techniques (datastructures and algorithms) and ofcourse you can ask questions at boards like this.

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    Visual Basic and C++ are NOTHING alike

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    Meh, I started with JavaScript.. the syntax is very similar, and the language is much simpler..
    I really wouldn't recommend starting with C++..

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    Pascal might be a good place to start learning. It used to be used as a teaching language and it's "easy" to read. The most important thing is to learn the programming concepts. Once you learn the basic concepts, you can pick up the syntax of a language very quickly.
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    I teach an ap comp sci class using c++ and from my experience students have no problems picking it up. As long as you can understand the "logic of programming" its just a matter of learning the syntax,.. etc of any individual language. I personally can't stand VB, so i would suggest C++.

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