Thread: Compiler handling 'outportb' & 'sleep()'

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    Compiler handling 'outportb' & 'sleep()'


    I'm looking for a compiler where I can use both the outportb command to send signals through my parallelport and the sleep() command.

    Any tips?

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    I'm not altogether certain, but I think you'll need a 16 bit compiler for that. <dos.h> comes to mind from a project I had to do a long time ago with the parallel port... and I'm not sure if that's standardised... or if it's available in most common compilers...

    _outp from <conio.h> comes to mind too, but again it's not standard.

    Best try to find a library that'll do this for you and use 'better' functions. The win32 api surely has something that'll do for you. Search msdn on google, is my advice. Or these forums windows/network are your best bets for searching.

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