Thread: Ti-83 plus programming to C++ programming...

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    Except that you should name your functions the same way you called them

    a != gotoa
    b != gotob

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    To compare if two things are equal in C++, you use == instead of =.

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    you dont go: !== though, for NOT EQUAL TO you use !=

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    No worries everyone, Ive figured it out, you can just do what I tried before, Somehow, last night I tried doing the labeling as 10: and the goto as "goto 10" and it worked, it even went back up the code, thanks all who helped anyways.
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    >No No No, See im not ready to change from goto to for or
    >while, im going to stick with goto and I want someone to
    >explain why my program doesnt work

    I programmed a TI-83 for a while (not much else to do in Algebra I). As soon as I went to C/C++ I got rid of the goto's immediately... like they said: for and while loops get the same thing done and are.. well... just plain better.

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