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    Pointer Assignment

    Hey guys, I have a question as to whether or not I am assigning the following correctly.

    The question states:
    Assume the declaration

    int m = 35, *intPtr;
    double x, *dblPtr;

    a) Assign intPtr a value so it points to m
    b) Assign dblPtr a value so it points to x, amd then use the pointer to assign x the value of 5.3

    On (a), I think it is:
    intPtr = &m;
    On (b), I think it is:

    dblPtr = &x;
    *dblPtr = 5.3;
    I am questioning myself as to whether I should have used the * operator in assigning the first statements (for instance, *intPtr = &m and *dblPtr = 5.3)

    I think I am right on the first set. Can someone please let me know? Thanks

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    What you have now is correct. Still, you could change it to what you were considering, compile, and observe what you get.
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    Your code looks right as is.

    Look at the two statements for dblPtr. One assigns an address, the other assigns a value. The pointer itself holds an address, which is why you assign directly to dblPtr. But the value should be assigned to the dereferenced pointer, which is why you added the * for the second one.

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