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    C++ coding help


    i need help for following program , please help how to begin about with this coding.


    Program in C/C++ to generate a network of 100 nodes in an area of dimensions 400m x 400m with random node positions.
    Each node will act as a Wireless node with directional antenna (Rd= 75 meters) of beamwidth of 45 degrees.

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    post your code (any big or small attempts), any compiler error/warning messages, what the code is actually doing, and what you want the code to do. no one will help or just give you the answer without you giving the slightest effort yourself (after all, it is your homework).

    also, in addition to adding the above information, some context about the problem would be good too. ie, whats a node? how do we set it to be in a "random position"? how do we set the antenna angle? etc. are these all simply fields of some "node" class?

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