Thread: Writing to a socket with hex and string characters

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    Writing to a socket with hex and string characters


    I have a line of text which i have read in from a file which I wish to output to a socket. The problem that i have is that i need to append SOH to the front of the text and add CR and LF to the end of the text then send to the socket.

    i have defined
    const int SOH 0x01
    const int CR 0x12
    const int LF 0x15
    ifstream file
    string line
    Is "const int" the right thing to use?

    I do a
    How do i now put the message together and do a
    sendto(filedescriptor, string, length....etc)


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    Why not
    const string SOH("\x01");
    const string CR("\x12");
    const string LF("\x15");
    string result;
    result = SOH + line + CR + LF;

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