Thread: can anyone help me on this inheritance problem

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    can anyone help me on this inheritance problem

    hello guys...i just done my assignment and here's the code

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    class CelestialBody
    double size;
        CelestialBody (double );
    class Planet : public CelestialBody
    double orbit_time;
      Planet(double , double);
    Class Earth : public Planet
    unsigned long int population ;
    Celestialbody :: Celestialbody (double) :
    cout<<"CelestialBody is called"<<endl;
    Planet :: Planet (double) : size(SIZE) , orbit_time(ORBIT_TIME)
    cout <<  "Planet constructor is called"<<endl;
    Earth :: Earth ()
    : Planet (1,40000), population (3000000000)
    cout <<" Earth constructor is called."<<endl;
    cout <<"Population =" <<population <<endl;
    cout<<"orbit time = "<<orbit_time<< endl;
    cout<< "size =" <<size <<endl;
    int main ()
    Earth earth;
    return 0;
    the output should be like this
    CelestialBody constructor is called
    Planet constructor is called
    Population  constructor is called
    Population = 5000000000
    orbit time = 1
    size = 40000
    all looks fine but
    but i am stuck in the earth class and constructor section.
    I think i was mistaken in the area of calling of the CelestialBody constructor to initialize the
    data members of both the Planet and CelestialBody.
    I didn't declared SIZE and ORBIT_TIME but it will not effect the end results will it?
    any help plez..i did my homework..need for it to be compiled..

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    Aside from lacking a closing curly brace, which is an error present elsewhere in the code too, the Earth constructor looks ok.

    What exactly are you unsure about?
    It is too clear and so it is hard to see.
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