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    Hello again everyone!

    Today I has a little bit complicated thing to do.
    I am trying to make a program which install few other programs.
    I have already composed 2 Window Forms Applications (see picture links below)
    Step 2:
    Step 3:

    As you can see on picture of Step 2, I have few check boxes on it. I would like when I click Install, it installs selected components. Now problem is that setup.exe file of each program requires some user input (like installation path, create shortcuts or not,...) before it proceed with real installation, but I would like that when user click Install button it automatically sends him to Step 3 and start installing selected applications without any additional user input. Another problem is how to program Progress Bar to work properly...
    I hope you understand what kind of application I would like to make.
    However, it doesnt need to has all of above features in it. If some of them are too complicated to made (for example, it doesn't need progress bar, maybe for start I should just make that when I click install it just open setup.exe files for checked applications?...)


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    Have you considered using some existing installer kit like NSIS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by laserlight View Post
    Have you considered using some existing installer kit like NSIS?
    Does it has an option which make me able to choose which files to install?

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    Just use the setup and deployment wizard in MSVS. And as laserlight has pointed out there are many other installer packages you can use.

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    Good job, providing a link to something only members of another forum can see

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