Thread: How to draw shapes with only for loops?

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    Well now I'm completely stumped. Can you please tell me which numbers I switch? I'm really confused.
    If you want to change going from 0 to 9 into going from 9 to 0, then perhaps you should switch 0 and 9.

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    I improved my code (personally I would say it's really the simplest way to go around doing this, storage of the triangle image, and drawing which is using almost the exact same increment-draw-repeat loop as yours but with a check to see whether to draw a dash or hash)... you can use it if you want to go with 2d arrays or if you don't want to then you can just take this bit:

    for (int column = lastcolumn; column > 0; column--){//draw last column first and first column last, thus flipping the image horizontally

    here's what my code does when I ran it:

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