Thread: is thispointer is a part of an object

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    is thispointer is a part of an object


    can we say "this" pointer is a part of the object in question or it is something created by compiler outside the object to store address of the object?
    i think it is not the part of it. also it is not considered while calculating the size of the object. so it is a pointer synthesized by compiler which is tightly associated with the object staying outside it and not exposed to the outside objects.

    correct me, if i m wrong, pls.

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    "this" is a reference to the instance of the object. "this", unlike other member variables, is not part of the object itself.
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    The 'this' pointer is simply the address of the object itself. For instance, let's say you have a structure located in memory at 0x80000000, well that would be the 'this' pointer. It get's a little more complicated with multiple inheritence, since each of the base-class instances will generally contain member data that must start at a specific offset within the class, and so the base address of each inherited type will be different (eg: require a different 'this' pointer). For example:

    #include <iostream>
    typedef char pad[ 27 ];
    struct foo
    	pad unused;
    struct bar
    	pad unused;
    struct baz
    	pad unused;
    struct qux : foo, bar, baz
    {	};
    template < typename Type >
    void print( char const* name, Type const& data )
    	std::cout << "Address of " << name << " : " 
    	<< reinterpret_cast< int const* >( &data ) << std::endl;	
    int main( void )
    	qux object;	
    	print( "foo", static_cast< foo const& >( object ) );
    	print( "bar", static_cast< bar const& >( object ) );
    	print( "baz", static_cast< baz const& >( object ) );
    	print( "qux", object );
    	return 0;
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