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    What should i do next

    I have been learning c++ but myy problem is i don't know what to do next. I know how to use pointers, classes etc... in C++ but i haven't written a real program, only assigments from the university(calculating arithmetic means, mean deviation etc)...

    What should i do?

    Thank you

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    try to write real time scenarios like

    inventory program, school management etc.

    My advice is that always give importance how you design your application with C/C++

    thats very important

    Happy Learning

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    There is no end to the number of ways you can specialize in computer programming, it applies to every industry.

    Computational physics/geometry, networked applications for business or servers, modeling for analytics/statistics/etc, Bioinformatics, etc, etc... etc... goes on for ever.

    You might know computer programming, but you may not know the depths of science and math. For me in life understanding computer programming in itself is not* the end of the road, it's finding an avenue of science or business to pursue and to use this knowledge as a tool to study and analyze problems. And when you're bored to write games or create art with.

    Think of programming as a tool to master, and put yourself in a context you like with that tool. Then the kind of software you should work on next becomes obvious, because you're in a context.

    So if you choose game programming, study all of the concepts which apply to building and designing games, learn how systems are designed, how gpu shaders work, etc...

    For networked applications learn about socket programming, the communication protocols, etc...

    If you feel good with the language, find areas of specialization to explore, learn the science and math that you can employ through programming to study and solve problems.

    And if you don't want to go in to any of that yet, this website will put your programming knowledge to the test:
    Project Euler

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    Thank you for your replys...

    I think that my problem is in designing the applications. Can you give me advices, links on how to cope with this problem?

    Thank you again

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