Thread: ***How to delete a pointer***

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    Question ***How to delete a pointer***

    Hi friends,

    Can anyone tell me how to delete a double pointer ,means a pointer which contains the address of another pointer?

    Thanks in Advance!!!!

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    That depends on where the pointer points to and what happened previously. Anything that came from new should be delete'd -- that means that if you created (say) a faux two-dimensional array with new in a loop, you'll have to delete in a loop.

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    Dereference it to delete whatever is pointed at.

    For example;
    int main()
        int **x = new (int *);
        *x = new int [5];
          // now delete things in reverse order
        delete [] (*x);   // brackets () for clarity
        delete x;
    As always, nothing should be delete'd unless created using the corresponding operator new.
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    In two 2D array first delete the members and then the main pointer which is pointing towards the pointer to an array

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