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    /*Object of program is to find the cheapest combination of large and medium pizzas based on the number of inputted slices. I can do the program but can't get it to alternate between sizes, I can only do one size for the best profit.*/

    //Large pizza= 11$ 16 slices
    //medium pizza= 8$ 10 slices
    //cin the slices

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    Well, if you post the code (so far you've come) and try to explain exactly whats wrong I'm sure you'll get some help .

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    In reality don't they cut the same number of pieces for every pizza? It'd make more sense to find the diameter of each pizza then calculate the area. But of course you still run into the problem of smaller pieces having a larger crust to pizza ratio...darn crusts. But I guess thats a problem of personal preference.

    But anyway, could you post your current code ?

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