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    Question graphics.h

    On various sites on the net I have come accross sample source that is supposed to help one learn, and of course it is very helpful. What I want to ask you here is this. I recently have come accross some sample code that requires the graphics.h and though it states it in the header when I go to compile and run an error returns saying that this graphics.h is not there. Be that it may I can find no answers to my puzzle about this. I am self teaching in the C++ language so my only resource of learning really is online.

    Thank you for your time, I am sure this has an easy answer though and maybe in the future I will not post such a question that probably all know but myself.


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    graphics.h is not a standard library.
    Borland typically includes this library but I'm not sure what other compilers do. MSVC does not.
    If you have a compiler with the library and you're still having problems then post what errors you're getting.
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    Smile re: the graphics.h

    Ok, the compiler I am using is Dev-C++ 4 and if it is an added thing for the writer then this makes sense to me. I also have Borland C++ Builder, though I have not learned to much in this as of this time and have concentrated on the easier (?) compiler instead.

    The compiler errors are as follows:

    graphics.h: No such file or directory
    mouse.c: No such file or directory

    I am assuming now that the mouse.c is also not a standard library as well.

    When I get home I will open Builder and see if I can get it to compile in that.

    Thank you for answer.


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