Thread: extern Global array in seperate .h file

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    extern Global array in seperate .h file


    I'm trying to use a global array declared in a .h file. The array is marked as static and defined in the .cpp file.

    I have a macro which gets the size of the array and is defined as such

    #define sizeof_array(x) (sizeof(x)/sizeof(*x))
    but when I try to use this function in the code below I get the following error :

    bool contains(string,string[],int);
    bool isArithemetic(string first) { return contains(first,cmd_arm,sizeof_array(cmd_arm));
    error C2070: 'std::string []': illegal sizeof operand
    This only happens if i declare it as extern, however if I dont, I get a linker error static multiply defined symbols. Here is my header and cpp containing the array -
    #define GLOBAL
    #else // !DEFINE_GLOBALS
    #define GLOBAL extern
    #define sizeof_array(x) (sizeof(x)/sizeof(*x))
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    GLOBAL string cmd_arm[];// = { "+", "-" , "*" ,"/" , "sin", "cos","sqrt" };
    #define DEFINE_GLOBALS
    #include "Command.h"
    string cmd_arm[]  = { "+", "-" , "*" ,"/" , "sin", "cos","sqrt" };
    Does anyone know how I can fix this ? or a better way to have a global array ? thanks!

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    I suppose you might need to specify the size of the array: GLOBAL string cmd_arr[7]. Alternatively I think the array might also be declared static and defined in the header.

    #define sizeof_array(x) (sizeof(x)/sizeof(*x))
    I suppose a much better alternative is:

    template <class T, unsigned N>
    unsigned sizeof_array(const T (&)[N])
         return N;
    Unlike the macro, this will fail to compile if your array has decayed to a pointer, instead of falsely reporting sizeof(T*) / sizeof(T) - be that 0, 1, 2, 4 or other.
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    I might be wrong.

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