Thread: memory fault/leak

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    Question memory fault/leak

    Can this code have a memory fault/leak?

    class A {
    ~A() {}
    vector<B> b;
    class B {
    ~B() {}
    map<C, string> c_map;
    Class C {
    main() {
    C c1,c2,c3,c4;
    B b1,b2;
    b1.c_map(c1) = "c1";
    b1.c_map(c2) = "c2";
    b2.c_map(c3) = "c3";
    b2.c_map(c4) = "c4";
    A *a = new A();
    delete a;

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    It doesn't have a memory leak.* Are you asking because of the empty destructor? Destructors of members are still called (automatically after user-defined destructor completes) - you can't change this feature of destructors.

    *Because of the use of a dumb pointer and not catching exceptions, this code can (theoretically) leak, should either of the push_back's trigger an exception to be thrown.
    I might be wrong.

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    However, it does have at least two syntax errors. Also, your map is either not a standard map, which means there could be memory leaks in there, or you have four more syntax errors.
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    Thank You, anon & Corned Bee, thanks for the reply

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