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    Starting the program

    Well i am programing a game. And now i am deep into different functions and multiple if's.. The problem is after the game ends i want it to start again. I am not able to implement loops, goto,break etc to do this because of the situation and the structure of the program. Is there any way i can call some kind of function from any of the functions to make the program start again fresh....

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    I would suggest that if you can't implement some kind of loop/branch to return to the start of your code, then you have a design problem. Why can't you loop?
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    Well the problem is..
    I have many functions at the begining... Almost 15v to 16 function. And at the end i have the main calling about 4 functions which in turn call the other functions to do the job. When my program ends it ends in one of the uppermost functions. It is like i have been calling the functions one inside the other. Now the problem is starting the program again from the program itself..

    Note:- Actually it is a game.. It is not yet complete. When you choose the tic tac toe game and play it after the game finishes.. I want the it to come to the initial screen. Calling one of the function start() that starts the game in this progam does not work properly. I have attached it along with the exe and the source please help... It would be great if you could modify this and post it ...

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