Thread: Comeau online compiler and std::sqrt

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    Comeau online compiler and std::sqrt

    I would like an opinion concerning this program:
    #include <cmath>
    int main()
        double x = 0.0;
        x = std::sqrt(x);
    The MinGW port of g++ 3.4.5 finds no fault with the above program. The Comeau online compiler, on the other hand, fails to compile it, citing this error:
    MODE:strict errors C++ C++0x_extensions
    "ComeauTest.c", line 6: error: more than one instance of overloaded function
              "std::sqrt" matches the argument list, the choices that match are:
                function "std::sqrt(float)"
                function "std::sqrt(long double)"
                The argument types that you used are: (double)
          x = std::sqrt(x);
    1 error detected in the compilation of "ComeauTest.c".
    Checking the C++ Standard, I see:
    Quote Originally Posted by C++03 Section 26.5 Paragraph 5
    In addition to the double versions of the math functions in <cmath>, C++ adds float and long double overloaded versions of these functions, with the same semantics.
    I conclude then that the error is due to a missing double sqrt(double) version of std::sqrt, and thus is a bug in the standard library implementation used by the Comeau online compiler. Am I correct?
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    You are correct.
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