Thread: Best Online resource to learn C++

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    Best Online resource to learn C++

    Hello guys,

    I'm new to c++ (actually i've got no knowledge of c++ at the moment). I want to learn it from good resource online. Pls can someone direct me to some good websites to use and what IDE to download for development. Any other useful ideas outside of this are welcomed. Thanks a lot.

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    As far as good online resources to learn're at it. Hang out in the forums and learn from all the experts that hang around these forums. There are a lot of really smart people here that you can always learn something from.

    As far as an IDE goes there are a number. My personal favorite is visual studio. There are express editions for free that you can find by googling it.

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    I've actually been wondering about this myself for a little while. Before finding this fantastic site, I came across two or three others whose content looks pretty much indentical to a nublet like me. I also began reading a book called C++ Without Fear, and when I found out it was one of this site's most recommended books, I was ecstatic that I'd made a good decision. But looking at the reviews before buying it...*(though I guess that's more of a matter for the book recommendations thread, huh?)

    For people like the OP and myself, it can be pretty confusing to see all these different resources with only very small dissimilarities. But it's those small details that can change the way a piece of code works, or if it even works at all. Is there any way we could have a thread recommending different websites as well as books? Because really, before I ventured into the forums and saw just what kind of incredibly skilled programmers hang around here, I was having a hard time telling which C/C++ site would be best for someone as clueless as me.

    *In case you're curious, there are a worrying number of people claiming that the code examples in the book are mostly behind the current standard.

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