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    bmp re-bumped

    << split from the graveyard - write bmp >>
    Hi, everyone I'm also exploring about writing BMP in C++.
    I have just read your source code and I tried to compile and run it but the output in file.bmp has no image?
    You said that the background is yellow? But I don't see that?
    I want to explore your source code and find some knowledge to study so I tried to run it to see the output but nothing is displayed in the bitmap.bmp

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    Well, it doesn't look like the OP posted his/her final code, the code that actually worked. And by the way, posting in threads more than two weeks old counts as bumping a thread -- and this thread is more like two years old.

    Have you written any code yet? I suggest you look at Ken Fitlike's post (#2 in this thread), it has a lot of information.

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    BMP file format - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    That should have everything you need to program a bitmap. I recently wrote a program and the wiki had everything I needed. If you would like my code let me know. It was done in c++.
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