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    Question Graphics... The Dreaded Topic...

    Before you go about screaming at me that this is on so many other threads... The specifications are different to my question... Without using OpenGL or Allegro (I can't get them to work), how can I post pre excisting images... Example... Let's say I use MSPaint (for all of you that don't know, its a program designed to create bitmaps, gifs, jpegs etc.) to create an image... Is there specific code to show it in my program... And don't tell me to look in the programming tutorial because I have... Millions and Millions of times. I can't make any form of sense from the topic "How To Show A Picture" (no offense to the writer). I'm using Borland C++. Is there any specific way to do what I'm asking? If so how?

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    Console mode can't do graphics. You can use DOS, but that may be unnecessary considering you can learn some Win32 programming, and then you can easily display bitmaps.

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    1,033 people always say 'Borland C++'.
    what's this mean?
    Borland TURBO C++?
    Borland C++ 5?

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    Patience my friend..
    If allegro and OpenGL don't work, there must be a reason. (Hint: It's between your chair and the monitor)

    Just slow down, read some tutorials; you can't expect this to come rushing at you. If you don't like my advice, don't take it. But good luck getting a bitmap onto your screen.

    You also might want to try 13h or whatever.. I've never used it but I hear others talking about it.

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