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    NameSpace Identifier query

    hey could someone please tell me what's the purpose of using the namespace to group entities when you dont' specify an identifier?

    like i'm used to using it like

    namepace mySpace {
       int val = 10;
    namespace dogSpace {
        int val = 23;
    cout << mySpace::val << dogSpace::val

    But then while doing some research on some coding i found it being used without an identifer like this, without any "identifier" specified, So what's the point of that?? Is it simply for the programmer to group things different from the other coding methods/variable as you do with classes in java? jst 4 conveniece and readability?

    namespace {
    void getX();  //Not actual method
    void getY();  //Not actual method
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    It's like the new way of saying things are static without using the static keyword. It creates an unnamed namespace in which objects declared within it are only available to the local file.

    From the msdn page on unnamed namespaces:
    Unnamed Namespaces

    You can declare an unnamed namespace as a superior alternative to the use of global static variable declarations.

    namespace { declaration-list }

    An unnamed namespace definition having the syntax shown above behaves as if it were replaced by:

    namespace unique { declaration-list }

    using namespace unique;

    Each unnamed namespace has an identifier, assigned and maintained by the program and represented here by unique, that differs from all other identifiers in the entire program.
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    A few more questions abt namespaces

    So an unnamed namespace is jst another way of declaring everything
    inside to be static? So i'm assuming that if i had two unnammed namespaces it would not compile, okie i jst tried that and it's confirmed.

    namespace {
         int alpha = 10;
         int beta = 20;

    Is that equivalent then to:

    static int alpha = 10;
    static int beta = 20;

    I'm still playing around with namespaces and i was wondering in what case I'd
    have to explicity type. "using namespace "<identifier>"?? The following
    code runs fine without using that, but it does not compile if i have another namespace after main, i'm assuming that it's the same as why forward declarations are used. But how do i fix it so that it compiles (don't tell me "Don't declare namespaces after main unless that's the only way :P) Cos yeh i'm assuming that it has something to do with "using namespace ....."

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    namespace first
      int var = 5;
    	int v1 = 7;
    	int v2 = 8;
    int main () {
      cout << first::var << endl;
      cout << second::var << endl;
      return 0;
    namespace second
      double var = 3.1416;

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