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    edit header file


    Would anyone know how to avoid using c_str() when reading
    text from a file?

    Thank You,


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    If we are talking about the same thing, c_str() is the member function (method) of the class string. The function is to get the pointer to a c-like string or in other words a character array termintated by the null character. c_str() can be used for retrieval purposes but not modification.


    string s;
    char buffer[80];

    s = "what's up people";

    strcpy(buffer, s.c_str() );

    to copy into it instead you would do this...

    buffer[1000] = {"lskfjlsjflsdlfslf"};

    string s;

    s = buffer;

    const E *c_str() const;
    The member function returns a pointer to a nonmodifiable C string constructed by adding a terminating null element (E(0)) to the controlled sequence. Calling any non-const member function for *this can invalidate the pointer.


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