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    Unhappy stack using linked list problem

    having issue with stack using linked list.

    1) the num didnt give any value tho with the cout in count()

    2) how to return string from pop()? i tried many ways like return ptr->s and stuff but didnt work

    could anyone pls point out where my mistake is? thanks heaps!

    header file

    class Element{
    	std::string s;
    	Element *next;
    Element * start = NULL;
    class Stack {
    	//temporary pointer
    	Element * ptr, *ptr2;
    	unsigned long num;
    	void push(std::string n);
    	unsigned long count();
    	std::string pop();


    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include "stack.h"
    using namespace std;
    		num = 0;
    void Stack :: push(std::string n){
    	ptr = new Element; //create space
    	ptr->s = n;		   // pointing at string
    	ptr->next = NULL;
    	if (start == NULL){ //empty
    		start = ptr;}	//ptr and start pointing at the same spot
    	else{			  //if start already has element
    		ptr2 = start; 
    		while (ptr2->next != NULL){
    			ptr2 = ptr2->next; // keep moving to next element
    		//if next element is null,add new element
    		ptr2->next = ptr;
    	/*cout << ptr->s << endl;*/
    std:: string Stack::pop(){
    	//pop until stack is empty
    	std::string n2 = ptr->s ;
    	if ( start != NULL ){
    		ptr = start;
    		//if next element where ptr is pointing is null,delete current ptr
    		if (ptr->next == NULL){
    			delete ptr;
    			start = NULL;
    		else {
    			while (ptr->next != NULL){
    				ptr2 = ptr;
    				ptr = ptr->next;}
    			delete ptr;
    			ptr2->next = NULL;
    	cout << n2 << endl;
    	return n2;
    unsigned long Stack::count(){
    	cout << num;
    	return num;
    Stack :: ~Stack () {
    	while (start != NULL){
    		Element* temp = start;
    		start = start->next;
    		delete temp;
    int main(){
    	Stack s;

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    Do you plan to initialize start to NULL at some point?

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    1) Do you realize everything declared in your Stack class is publicly accessible?

    2) Why would anyone/anything else care about explicitly using your Element class?

    3) Why do you need two Element pointers in your Stack class?

    4) Stacks should provide a way to access the top element via reference. You return the string by value from pop(). Instead, implement a top() function that
    returns the top element by reference (and constant reference as well). Pop should return void.
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    Maybe try drawing out what your program should do first. That helps a lot. StanedBlue asked a bunch of questions that seems like they would be taken care of if you plan this out a bit more.

    Further more your pop() functions is a bit odd for a stack... stacks are LIFO (last in first out), meaning that if the element isn't at the top, it doesn't get to leave.
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