Thread: ascii value for the arrow keys

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    ascii value for the arrow keys

    what would the ascii value for the up and down arrow keys? What I have so far.

    I have a counter. I want the arrow keys (up and down) to allow you increment or decrement the counter. I would use a switch statement to get this, but i need to know how to distingush the 2 keys. right now if i read them in as ints, i get -32 for both... Any suggestions?


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    ummm in dos...

    Im not sure if you can use the arrow keys in dos but hey i dont know
    + Sekti

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    Find out with the code below what values the keys return
    my system returns something like
    72,75,80 and something else....
    Most keys place only one value in the buffer... the arrow keys however place 2 224, ? depending on which arrow key was pressed. That is why I test for the value 224. Your system may or may not place that value there....

    void main(void)
                  int i = getch();
                  if( i == '0')
                if( i == 224 ) //whenever an arrow key is pressse my
     	 i = getch(); //system returns 224 prior to the key val
                cout << "You pressed key number: " << i << endl;

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