Hi All,
My application is developed in C++. It does not need to be restarted when network to database server is disconnected or oracle database is shut down because it can retry connecting to oracle database after network is reconnected or oracle database is restarted up.
However, after the application is shut down, an error log message appears when the SQLDisconnect(hpHdbc) is executed like below:
"SQLDisconnect() SQLSTATE=08S01 ERROR=[Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-03113:end-of-file on communication channel"
Error log information is also registed in alert.log file of oracle.
Is there any way to solve the error at reconnecting database in order to avoid getting the error log message after shuting down the application?
or can I modify my application's program to avoid getting the error log message?

Please shed me a light!
Thank you.