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    C++ Network Socket Programming

    Dear all,

    I am going to write the network socket programming and now study the system first. I will connect from one API Client to the Application Gateway in another company. I noted the following and don't know how to co-operate with this new features in application gateway. Could you tell me what they are?

    (1) Partition handling
    (2) virtual underlying concept
    (3) additional information type for filtering broadcasts
    (4) How to prevent ignored request or data lost between api client and application gateway.

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    And what's the source for this information? Without it we can at most give you generic answers to some of these that won't solve anything. You seem to have taken them out of whatever documentation you have been reading. Outside their context, they became hard to interpret.

    1. ?
    2. ? Clearly out of context. We can't answer this.
    3. Probably related to the creation of an UDP datagram type.
    4. One of the core concepts of an asynchronous IO library. It's the responsibility of the library to provide the means to minimize data loss to only those events that are outside its scope. Like a power outage or a badly configured router. Other than outside events, which these two are an example, local (to the library) data loss events should be avoided. This may happen through many forms: A listening socket bind that is completed on another process or thread, failure to properly confirm message reception, failure to properly clear resources, even simply by bad programming practices like a buffer overflow.


    Somehow I suspect you really don't want to create a sockets library, but instead use an existing one.
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