Thread: Gzip C++ function crashes my program.

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    Gzip C++ function crashes my program.

    Any reason you can think of that this would crash my program:
     int gzdecompress(char *infilename, char *outfilename)
        gzFile infile = gzopen(infilename, "rb");
        FILE *outfile = fopen(outfilename, "wb");
        if (!infile || !outfile) easymsg("Couldn't open.");
       char buffer[128];
        int num_read = 0;
        while ((num_read = gzread(infile, buffer, sizeof(buffer))) > 0) {
           fwrite(buffer, 1, num_read, outfile);
    WHILE this works fine:
    int gzCompress(char *infilename, char *outfilename)
        FILE *infile = fopen(infilename, "rb");
        gzFile outfile = gzopen(outfilename, "wb");
     if (!infile || !outfile) return -1;
        char inbuffer[128];
        int num_read = 0;
        unsigned long total_read = 0, total_wrote = 0;
       while ((num_read = fread(inbuffer, 1, sizeof(inbuffer), infile)) > 0) {
           total_read += num_read;
           gzwrite(outfile, inbuffer, num_read);

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    Notice that in the second example, the one that doesn't crash, you return when opening one of the files failed. That's the problem in the first example: opening the file failed. Then you try to use the file pointer anyway, which will be NULL, which will inevitably cause problems.
    Notice that if you simply return you may have a resource leak: if opening one of the two succeeds but the other one fails, you'll never close the one that succeeded.

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    This is actually C code, rather than C++, by the way.

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