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    char converting and constants

    Could someone help me with this thing? I am trying to get an alphanumeric set of characters from the user while making sure that it is 10 characters in length. I keep getting errors saying that I " need an explicit cast for function parameter 1 to get from char ". I imagine that this has everything to do with using character constants. I can find no examples to enlighten me for what I am trying to do here. Please help.


    char customer_chars[11];

    char ch;

    gets (ch);

    if(strlen(ch) == 10 && isalnum(ch))

    break; // leave loop to continue the program



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    Have you looked up gets, at all, even a little bit? gets doesn't take a single character, it takes a pointer to memory. There's also no way to tell gets to stop at 10 characters, which is (one reason) why you shouldn't use it. Is there a reason you don't want to use the standard C++ input operators (like >>)?

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