Anyway, the point being that the discussion of the term "beta" should be left for academics with little code in their hands and lots of time for talking. In common usage a beta is a beta is a beta. And it's not a final product. There's no science to it.

And it has nothing to do how computer literate someone is. The notion itself only reveals contempt and is only proper on someone who just insists in putting themselves above everyone else.


As for the original question, I can only assume the OP knows perfectly well this is a beta product and is asking how he should test its functionality.

1. First, do as Daved suggests and write a simple program
2. Next, try to see if some bugs from the previous versions still exist (two of them can be found on post 4)
3. You can also, read about the new functionalities and try to use some of them.
4. and, search for blogs, articles and reviews on google.