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    im having some trouble with this code im learning from. Maby some one can help. I mean i understand it all but i cant figure out what is wrong
    anyways here it is:

    #include "stdafx.h"
    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include "STRUCTUR.h"

    void displayRecord(int, mailingListRecord mlRec);

    int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    // create an array of mailingListRecord structures
    mailingListRecord listArray[3];
    cout << endl;
    int index = 0;
    // get three records
    do {
    cout << "First Name: ";
    cout << "Last Name: ";
    cout << "Adress: ";
    cout << "City: ";
    cout << "State: ";
    char buff[10];
    cout << "Zip: ";
    cin.getline(buff, sizeof(buff)-1);
    listArray[index].zip = atoi(buff);
    cout << endl;
    } while (index<3);
    // clear the screen
    // display the three records
    for (int i=0;i<3;i++) {
    displayRecord(i, listArray[i]);
    // ask the user to choose a record
    cout << "Choose a Record: ";
    char rec;
    // be sure only 1,2 or 3 was selected
    do {
    rec = getch();
    rec -= 49;
    } while (rec < 0 || rec > 2);
    // assign the selected record to a temporary variable
    mailingListRecord temp = listArray[rec];
    cout << endl;
    // display selected record
    displayRecord(rec, temp);
    cout << endl;
    return 0;
    void displayRecord(int num, mailingListRecord mlRec)
    cout << "Record " << num + 1 << ":" << endl;
    cout << "Name: " << mlRec.firstName << " ";
    cout << mlRec.lastName;
    cout << endl;
    cout << "Adress: " << mlRec.address;
    cout << " ";
    cout << << ", ";
    cout << mlRec.state << " ";
    cout <<;
    cout << endl << endl;

    and here is the header;

    #ifndef _STRUCTUR_H
    #define _STRUCTUR_H
    struct mailingListRecord {
    char firstName[20];
    char lastName[20];
    char address[50];
    char city[20];
    char state[20];
    int zip;
    its weird everything seems to check out

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    Question whats your error?

    what error are you getting when you run your program?
    or does it run and just display the wrong values?

    i just started programming too.. so not sure how much i can help but...

    i try to avoid char when using strings but maybe an easier way you could write your declarations is...

    char firstName[3][20]; // firstName will have 3 fields each can
    // contain a string of 20 chars.

    mailingListRecord listArray;

    cout << "Testing";
    cin.getline(listArray.lastName[0], 20); //change 0 to 1 or 2 to fill
    //3 names.

    cout << listArray.lastName[0]; //should display "Testing"

    i can't remember but i made a similar program before..
    and when i tried to define an 'ARRAY' as 'CHAR' like

    char array[3];

    it wouldn't work. but when i used

    char array[3][50];

    it worked..

    your program might work.. i've never tried to declare an array as struct which contains arrays of chars...

    don't know what your program problem was so i probably going off on something unrelated.. but oh well.... this may help someone..

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    everything but clrscr()

    i found that i could compile and run this program no prob .....well kinda..... if i just remove the clrscr()
    but as for the arrays, the point of the whole program was how to make arrays of structs and handle individual char arrays
    when i do actually get it to run using alternate soloutions than clrscr() that part of the code seems to work fine its clrscr() is the culprit.......why though?

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    your compiler probably doesn't support clrscr(). Many compilers do not support conio.h, which is where I believe clrscr() is. In particular, I don't VC++ doesn't support conio.h and since you are using a header specific for VC++ (stdafx.h) although you don't indicate you are using VC++, I suspect you are.

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    Yeah, all the code works fine.. That unregistered person was going off on some tangents, lol

    This is what I remember about clrscr( ). clrscr( ) is supported by DOS compilers. The only non-DOS compilers that support it's use are the Borland compilers. So if you want to compile this code with the clrscr( )'s, go download Borland Turbo C 2.X (it's free and it's a DOS compiler).

    Have fun

    Oh yeah, when I compiled the code, I took out the stdafx.h header b/c I saw no use for it. Also, try and indent it's good practice and makes code a little more readable.

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    ya i did alot of cutting and pasting of the code back and forth between compilers so there might of been some extras I did originally started it out on vc++
    i will try and use borlands but im afraid ill have to learn a whole new enviroment again but oh well ill just bite the bullet
    oh ya my code did look all nice untill i posted it here and it rearranged it all well not rearranged but layed it out differently
    thanks for all help!!

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    if ya wanna stay with VC++ just learn another way to clear the screen. There are several ways listed in the FAQ area.

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