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    Question iota confusion

    hey there

    i am currently doing some assignment on prime palindromes and getting stuck on the int to string conversion.i have been trying to google it and seems getting no where esp with iota func.

    here's the problem.

    //the given function
    unsigned intFindPalindromes(unsigned int array[],int start,int end)
    //using iota
    iota (int n,char* number,10)
    // n is to be prime number
    //here is where i got confused.
    //if i do it this way ,does it mean int array[] is not the same as number[] in iota??
    // let say if n=11,how does the compiler convert int into string. 
    will it be number= [11] or number= ['1','1']???

    thanks in advance

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    I am guessing you meant itoa.

    Integer TO Ascii

    Even then, this is not a standard function. Use sprintf instead. Or even better, stringstream, since you are using C++.

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