Thread: Difficulty with program which has to open hundreds of files at a time.

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    Difficulty with program which has to open hundreds of files at a time.

    Hello, at the moment I am writing a program which needs to open, close and modify many different files at the same time (typically over 100 at a given time). Because of this requirement of the project, I decided to make a class which contains a vector of pointers to the different fstream instances for the files. That way I have a simple and 'clean' way to handle this many files. The fact that I am using vectors also means I can easily add new fstream instances (open new files) just by using the push_back method etc.

    For some reason, I'm having a bit of difficulty getting it to open a new file (it shouldn't be this hard). The program compiles it just doesn't do what I want it to, and I can't work out where the problem is.

    #include <fstream>
    #include <vector>
    #include <string.h>
    using namespace std;
    class CFileManage
                  virtual ~CFileManage();
                  vector<fstream *> m_file;
                  static CFileManage * hcInstance;
                 /* Make sure only one instance of this class is generated */
                 static CFileManage * GetClassInstance();
                 static void GenerateClassInstance();
                 void DeleteClassInstance();
                 /* Make use of the i/o filestream vectors */
                 bool CreateNewFileInstance(char * filename);
                 void CreateNewFileInstance(string filename);
                 void CloseFileInstance(unsigned int vec_idx);
                 void CloseAllFileInstances();
                 unsigned int GetNumberOfFileInstances();
                 fstream * GetFileInstance(unsigned int vec_idx);
    bool CFileManage::CreateNewFileInstance(char * filename)
         m_file.push_back( new fstream );
         if( m_file.back()->is_open() )
             return false;
         return true;
    void CFileManage::CloseAllFileInstances()
         int idx;
         for(idx=0; idx < m_file.size(); idx++)
                    delete m_file[idx];
    For some reason, the code compiles, but it doesn't work as expected when it comes to making a new file.

    At a later date I plan to change the CreateFile Methods so that it allows support for binary files aswell as different modes, e.g. app, ate, trunc etc.
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    Many systems limit the number of open files a process is allowed to have open at one time.
    "hundreds" is pushing (or exceeded) such limits.
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    Also, shouldn't you make sure that the fstream is opened successfully before pushing it into the vector? What good will it do in the vector if it isn't actually open?
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    If your program is also creating these files, you should think of archiving them (.pak, .zip, .tar, .7z, etc.) into one file. It's faster and you shouldn't have this problem.
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    I'm going to echo what Salem stated b/c it was my understanding that file handles were precious resources in most operating systems. I certainly doubt the OS would let you open hundreds of files at one time. You will have to open a few at a time, do your operations on them, close them, wash, rinse, repeat for the number of files you need to work on.

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