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    Question Question about <iomanip.h>

    does anyone know what header file <iomanip.h> is exactly? i'm using Turbo C++ but i don't see that file listed anywhere, and i have gotten a lot of help from different people but most of them include that header file in their explanations.

    so i would appreciate if someone could tell me what is in it, or where i could find a copy of it and an explanation.


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    That is the Input/Output MANIPulator header. It declares stream manipulators that you can use in your programs. Stream manipulators are a sometimes handy way of doing things that would otherwise necessitate you using a stream's member functions to accomplish. For example, to set the stream's width to 10 and then display a variable's value you could either use:
    cout << variable_name;
    Or you could use a stream manipulator and get everything on one line like so:
    cout << setw(10) << variable_name;
    The compiler you are talking about might not have this header file. I usually use MSVC++ 6.0 and I know that it is available under that compiler. Like I have in my first example, there are usually ways to accomplish the same thing as what is being done with a stream manipulator but using the stream's own member functions instead. What is it that you are trying to accomplish here?
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