Thread: so if you want to move something around screen...

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    so if you want to move something around screen...

    you can use gotoxy instead of moving through an array?

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    forgot to add: in DOS

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    Yes, but gotoxy is a nonstandard function, so if you want to distribute your code, it is best to make your own gotoxy function.

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    in true DOS you can set the cursor position by calling a software interrupt. Cant remember which one. Ask bubba or doubleanti. It is also possible to write directly to video addresses.
    In windows console all of this info is invalid and instead you can use gotoxy() which is a non standard function. If you have it then it will be in <conio.h>. If you do not have it do not fret just whizz over to the FAQ and you will find a simple implementation of it that will work on any windows compiler.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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