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int tolower(int c);

ok... now i see it's a function prototype because of the ; at the end. however, the (int c) part throws me off a little... if (c) is supposed to be a character why don't they say "char"? also int c or int char wouldn't make any sense, so the part in the ( )'s is still throwing me off a little... i understand tolower will return some value because otherwise it would be void.
It isn't named int char because char is a type, a reserved keyword, thus it would cause a compile error!
And secondly, never rely on names of variables. Read the description of what the argument is for! That is what the documentation is for!

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i see that firstname is a string and tolower won't accept strings, but if i did tolower( firstname[1] ); i figure tolower is only looking at the "R" in a name like "BRYAN"

if that doesn't work other, i'll just go back to where i was learning before in the book. i tend to try and learn things on the side like this even if i'm not ready for them
But that's right. If firstname is "BRYAN", then firstname[1] is "R". And that's exactly what tolower sees (and wants). A single character in a string.