Thread: More C++ Worries.

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    More C++ Worries.

    Can anyone help me with this extra credit problem?

    e^x= 1 +(x/1) + (x^2/2) + (x^3/6) = (x^4/24)...X^n/n!

    I have to read in x from the keyboard and use the exponential function on x and write the result.

    Then do the approximation for the first four terms, starting at 1 and write the results.

    Then write the difference between the two.

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    Well... What's n?

    You could just use a loop - i think that'd be the easiest way... Have you made any headway on this since yesterday?

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    Still Baffeled

    n is just the number of what power we raised it to. For example X^2/2!.

    I know I need the following libraries


    I am so glade you are there because this is due in a couple of hourse and I am TOTALLY stressed out!!!

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    Lightbulb Well, to do this...

    To multiply a number and an exponent you just do this:

    int number1 = 2;
    int number2 = 3;
    int result = 0;

    result = number1 * exp(number2); // exp(...) is for exponent

    cout << result;


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