Thread: How to get the URL out of FireFox

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    How to get the URL out of FireFox

    Hello World,

    I'm pretty new to the c++ language and I want to read the URL of a running Browser (in this case FireFox).

    It shoud work in this way.

    you write in the browser: ""
    Press enter
    ---> copy url to my program.
    ---> check url == Google
    if not ---> insert

    Is there a documentation for programming firefox addons?

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    Is there a documentation for programming firefox addons?
    Why don't you google for something like "programming firefox extensions"? That seems like a much better idea than asking here.

    At any rate, one of the first search results is this site which looks like a good tutorial.
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    On Windows, reading the current URL can be done easyly with Windows api (see on Win32 ng)

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    First get the HWND for the address text box in teh firefox exlporer. you can use programs like Spy++ (I forgot what it was called, but it came with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0). The you can use SendMessage and send a WM_GETTEXT message to it.

    Here is an example
    HWND hFireFox, hAddressBox;
    hFireFox = FindWindow("FireFox", "FireFox");
    hAddressBox = FindWindowEx(hFireFox, NULL, MAKEINTATOM(0x800), "AddressBox");  //Forgot what the 3rd parameter does
    char szAddressBox[MAX_PATH];
    SendMessage(hAddressBox, WM_GETTEXT, MAX_PATH, szAddressBox);
    I haven't tested this out yet, so there might be a few errors from the LPSTR to CHAR[] conversion. I also didn't get the correct names for the firefox menus.

    To check use strcmp() and use WM_SETTEXT to send text to firefox

    if (strcmp(hAddressBox, "") != 0)
         \\if false then...
         SendMessage(hAddressBox, WM_SETTEXT, NULL, "\0");
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    You can use the boost filesystem library. They make it convenient to work with URLS. Also, you could just use find_if and then tokenize your searches.

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    Actually, CrissyCrisCris, it would be better if you provide C++ solutions on the C++ board rather than C solutions. I second boost.
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