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    Question Dev C++: can't run code

    EDIT: Fixed the problem. The program had been made a static library in the options.

    I have recently started into a book on building a game engine. My current problem isn't actually the code (I don't think) or any other logical error I can double check.

    My problem is that while everything compiles great, there's no executable file. Normally you can compile and run, but this only outputs the standard .a file, no .exe with it. I have tried the different means in the program, such as the run button, ctrl-F10 and ctrl-F9 (which is compile AND run), however I can't seem to trick it into running.

    If anyone happens to know or can tell why it won't give me the option to run the code, I would love to know. Any help is appreciated.

    Disclaimer: I have successfully run the BOOK's code from the CD it comes with, and it has the option to run. I am assuming the files I'm linking have something to do with it, but I've followed instructions to the letter, and everything compiles fine. I've never encountered this before..
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