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    Unhappy C++ Pausing

    is there a way to stop the program for an alotted time period without making it say
    press any key to continue?
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    you use the sleep(milliseconds) function in <windows.h>. It will pause the program for the amount of milliseconds without any "Press any key.." or anything.

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    If you would like to pause a very short amount of time you could try:

    #include <time.h>

    tmrstart=(clock()/(double) CLOCKS_PER_SEC)+0.02; '0.02' is the pause value

    // A small break
    while((clock()/(double) CLOCKS_PER_SEC)<tmrstart){


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    or not the prettiest way but yuo could also create a nested for loop which would delay the program, but again not the most efficient

    for(int k = 0; k<10000; k++)
    for (int j = 0;j<10000;j++)

    and modify the 10,000 according to how much delay you want

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    >>> you use the sleep(milliseconds) function in <windows.h>.

    The function is Sleep() not sleep(), (S not s). If you are not using Windows it may be sleep() or wait() or alarm() or possibly something else.
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