Thread: Difference between macro and pass by reference?

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    Difference between macro and pass by reference?

    Like the title says, what is the difference between using a macro, which just textually substitutes whatever, as opposed to just writing a function with reference parameters? I know there must be a difference, or else there would be no need for macros. Can someone please help me to understand the difference, possibly with an example? TIA.

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    Macros shouldn't be used as functions - it's a C-style to make something inline. It's a bit harder to debug and off use due the inlines in C++.

    #define foo(x) x+  // see the error
    int main()
       int y;
       foo(y);  // This is the line you get the error
       char s[] = "Hello world";
       foo(s);  // Want to know what happens?
    inline void foo(const int &x)
      x+;  //  Now you'll get the error here
    int main()
       int x;
       char s[] ="dlrow olleH";
       foo(s);  //  And another one here
    kooma -

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    Inline functions also enforce type safety.........

    Also #defines may never actually reach the compiler as they are converted by the preprocessor beofre compilation.....I have read of occasions where this can give problems debugging....

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