Thread: GAR! Damn you visual c++!

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    GAR! Damn you visual c++!

    Actually I like it alot. I have visual c++ 6 enterprise and it the hell out of me. Any time that a program crashes it asks me if I want to debug. That's super-annoying considering I'm using windows and internet explorer. How can I turn this super happy smiley fun useful feature off?
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    lol thats windows not VC++

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    I believe the program is mdm.exe, use ctrl-alt-del just kill that process and remove it from your startup stuff and you should be ok.
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    No thats not windows, it is a feature in VS that always is runing in the background. I read something awhile ago that there is a setting in VS to turn the automatic debugging of but I never looked for it. It is driving me nuts when it happens. especially when VS is crashing and wants to debugg itself.

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