Thread: Is there any good GUI library for C++?

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    Is there any good GUI library for C++?

    I tried wxwidgets but it lacks the theme support or maybe I don't know where to get it. Is there any good GUI Library for C++ out there? I hope it would be easy to get started just like the wxwidgets. Thank you very much.

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    GTK and QT4 are 2 other libraries (ive only tried GTK but i kinda like it).

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    Hmm... if you mean application skin support then indeed, wxWidgets doesn't provide it out of the box. However it does through either wxUniversal, or more simply through wxSkin. I never used either of them. Have been hearing some good things of both, but they look too experimental for my taste. If you need solutions, and not mounting problems, probably the next best option is Qt. But you'll be loosing true native ports of windows widgets and have to support a more restrictive licensing that may even demand money if you want to close your code.

    If you mean instead Windows Themes support, then wxWidgets supports it fully since it's the only library providing full native ports. It comes with a permissive license and it is frankly the easiest and most intuitive of all libraries. A beauty. However, it's slightly harder to port to other systems than Qt and you will also have to face the fact some less used controls may contain bugs, because of the collaborative nature of the project.
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