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    Unhappy calling function

    iam designing a menu driven program and want to call a function
    when chosen a selection. My function contains two parameters
    of type char array and of type int array. Could any1 help me here...?should i call it in main or can i call it in a switch statement or either....?. I have another question also
    i have a parrallel array one of each type char and int
    and want the user to input a specific character e.g a roman numeral and have the equivalent value in the int array.My menu driven fragment of code is a do while loop.....also with the parrallel arrays i want to be able to add the values of array type int, should i creat another array and use assigning techniques or
    shouldnt i use another array at all?. If you are able to help me , could you please give me an example... to give me an idea of what your talking about... would be much appreciated.

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    i wrote a menu system like this. Yo can call functions when options are selected, customize the functions and the ui.
    It also includes error checking and comments.

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